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  1. I really would love to test and keep a Canon camera as Canon is my favorite brand. A few years ago, I was careless and someone stole my Canon EOS 5D Mk II with an 18 – 135 4.0L lens, Canon BG-E6 Camera Grip, Canon EX-580-2 Flash, extra batteries, filters and memory cards. I purchased it at B&H Photo and went Full Frame after using a Digital Rebel XT and a professional photographer let me look through his viewfinder and I instantly learned there is a huge difference between full frame and aps-c so I saved up and sold my DR XT and bought the 5d2 and was extremely happy. I used it for any job I could get and upgraded my flash and added the battery grip. I haven’t been able to afford to replace my camera and 4 years later, I found this site. I really hope you can help me as I would love to shoot again. In the mean time I got certified at BRICarts Media in Brooklyn as a Certified TV Producer in the Studio, and last week I got my 2nd certification as a Video Producer in the Field. I’m about to take the Certification Class for Video Editing with Adobe Premiere. These certification classes gives me free access to professional video cameras, wireless mics and lavalieres, lighting equipment, editing suites, TV control room and cameras, teleprompter, and more. With all this, I still miss my DSLR as I am finding out that still photos is my real love. I like video but I think its more because I really love being BEHIND the camera, video or still but my heart is in the full frame dslr. nothing beats that in my book although I haven’t had the opportunity to tinker with a full frame mirrorless camera. If you can help me I would be enormously grateful.
    Thank you, Michael Eaddy

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