21 June 2018 — 10:06

Get a FREE New HP Slate

If you know about iPad then you must know about HP Slate. This latest hottest product from HP brings a fierce competition to iPad. HP Slate and iPad are both fighting in the same tablet computer market. You don’t have to fight to have them both though. Previously we have offers for you to have iPad for FREE. If you are US residents now we also have offer for you to have HP Slate for FREE!

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The fierce competition between HP Slate and iPad really showing up this year. After iPad showed their power at the Oscar, HP was striking back by releasing two promotional videos at youtube. One thing that really interesting was that HP showed off their capabilites in using Flash application in HP Slate. The thing that iPad can’t do.

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Well, enough for us to say about HP Slate. Now it’s your chance to get this stunning FREE HP Slate. Just click on the link that we have provided and participate on the program. Good luck!

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